04/02/20 - Penne (Italia)

El Presidente de la FMM, Guillermo Hita y la Secretaria General, Cristina Moreno, en Penne (Italia) junto a los socios europeos de la Red sobre Democracia Digital.

The Federation of Municipality of Madrid is leading a European initiative that will run until September 2021, called: Support for the Democratic Union and Active Citizenship in the Digital Age within the European Europe for Citizens program. The FMM gets the second position among the 18 funded and among the more than 80 presented at European level (Europe Program for Citizens Chapter 2 Measure 2.2 Networks of cities Selection Year 2019 Round1).


The FMM coordinates the project and the actions that are developed and executed in the 14 countries that make up this Digital Network. Participating entities include a group of local, regional and NGO authorities from 14 EU-Spain countries, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Romania, France, Croatia, Latvia, Serbia and Macedonia The DIGITAL Project will run from September 2019 to September 2021 and, among many other actions, 5 international events are held in different countries from among the participating partners. The first international event took place last week in the municipality of Penne, in the region of Pescara in Italy, and was attended by the President of the FMM, Gullermo Hita Téllez, of the General Secretary of the FMM, Cristina Moreno, of the General Technical Coordinator, José Barcia and of the Coordinator of European Projects, Gosia Wochowsca.